Dr. Kinga Vereczkey-Porter Excels In Her Medical Profession

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Kinga Vereczkey-Porter has great respect in the medical field. She has been treating patients with various ailments and is actively involved in diverse fields concerning smoking cessation, diabetes, wellness education, studies on bone density or x-ray etc.
In the North Carolina state of the USA, these treatments are available. You can find the reflection of her hard work and dedication that she has done by offering her services to Sanford specialty clinics. This clinic is a division of North Carolina University’s hospital, which is now providing cost effective and quality treatment to various patients in the area of nephrology, endocrinology, rheumatology, cardiology and pulmonary medicine.
Due to her knowledge and experience in diverse medical fields that are unparallel, it has given her distinctive advantages as compared to the others, who are also in the medical practitioner’s field in the USA. All these clinics where Kinga Vereczkey-Porter is working have become famous all over the country for its dedicated and quality service that is being provided by them.
Doctor Kinga Vereczkey-Porter at present is working, as the Sanford specialty clinics Director. In the year 2007, she was appointed as the Director and since then she has been busy in improving the service quality of these clinics. The group of Sanford specialty clinics falls under UNC Healthcare System, which is part of Triangle Physician Network & Practice network based on UNC Community.
All the treatments provided in these clinics are especially, regulated under strict observation of Dr. Vereczkey-Porter and she ensures that every patient gets best care from these clinics. The rise to her present position has been gradual due to her medical qualification and experiences. She is very well deserved for the position that she is currently holding.
Dr. Kinga attended her medical course in the school known as Medical University of Albert Szent-Gorgyi, which is based in Hungary. She graduated in medicine in 1988. After that she completed her fellowship in the topic Neurology from the hospital Milland Fillmore in 1998. In 2001, she completed her residence course in Internal Medicine from the University Of Buffalo School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences.
Here she obtained 59th position among 144 other candidates. In 2004 she completed her residency course in Rheumatology from North Carolina University Hospitals. American Board of Internal Medicine has certified her. Due to her exposure in various medical fields, she can treat the patients very easily and in a flawless manner.


Great Places to Find a Cheap Mattress

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